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Cloud9ine Activewear

Welcome to Cloud9ine Activewear – where dreams take shape, and empowerment is woven into every stitch. Founded by Lydia Richardson, my journey is etched with passion, perseverance, and a shared commitment to uplifting lives.

Hi, I'm Lydia!

I am Lydia Richardson, Co-Founder of Cloud9ine Activewear. I am a devoted mother of 2 a grandmother of 3 beautiful grandchildren and a happy wife of 39 years and counting.
I started my fitness career in 1999. Prior to that I wasn't in the best of shape and my health was failing. I had two options …exercise or start on medication. I chose option A and joined a local gym. I hired a personal fitness trainer and realized this was a pivotal moment in my life! Fitness was my calling and within months I was down to my goal weight and my lupus went into remission. I hope this story will inspire you to pay attention and listen to your body, because it is also my gift to the world and what motivated me to become a personal fitness trainer. I have received numerous certifications in group and personal training. The most rewarding and prestigious training was Orangetheory Fitness training. I have assisted more than a dozen people to become either personal trainers or group fitness instructors. One way I show my love to others is to help you improve your life through fitness because I believe movement is medicine this allows you to ‘Live Your Dream In Action!’ (LYDIA) My favorite saying when I'm teaching class is: 'You are spending 4% of your day with me taking care of you!’

Now 24 Years Later...

Now 24 years later, I am healthy, a Franchise Owner/Partner of Orangetheory Fitness in Cooper City, Florida, which brings me to join together my love for fitness and fashion. This has given me the opportunity to design Activewear for Everywhere. When you make physical changes, a wardrobe change is definitely essential!
Having the opportunity of teaching and working out, I tried many fitness clothing brands. Some were pretty, but not practical. Some were practical, but not flattering. Being in the public's eye, especially in a leadership, or a coaching role, to be respected and taken seriously, your appearance should also speak for you. I was not going to rest until I found functional fabrics that would move with your body, that you could exercise in, wear leisurely, feel confident and beautiful no matter what you were doing. Athletic wear that you can run in without shorts riding up, leggings that can hold up to a burpee without riding down, bras that give the support you need, lightweight jackets you can throw on when you've completed your workout. Athletic/athleisure wear that you can leave a fitness facility and go directly to your daily activities. This is clothing that not only makes you look good, but also feel good while wearing it.

Fast Forward

23 years ago, I met someone at a fitness competition who had her own brand. Loved it, bought a few pieces, and I saw they were functional. Through her company, I started selling clothes out of the trunk of my car to clients who took my classes. This was before social media existed. When I felt it was time for my vision to become a reality, I called this friend that now had contacts in Brazil who had knowledge about fabrics that would work with my dream. Now I have a manufacture in Brazil where each and every piece is handmade with love by women who take pride in each and every stitch. What touches me, and makes this even more special, is that some of these women take 3-4 buses every day, just to get to the factory to help make my dream a reality! Although they are helping me, we are really helping each other, because now they have the means to support their families financially. They also have a purpose knowing that people are wearing Cloud9ine designs, made with their hands.
Activewear for Everywhere is my slogan. Live Your Dream In Action (LYDIA) is my motivation. To create my own brand leaves me floating on Cloud9ine.

I am Cloud9ine Activewear!